We started selling Jaw Crusher Buckets in 2005, DBA as ECO-CRUSHER and soon became the

 #1 distributor in the world for MB Crushers

We expanded our product line to to support our customers to include screener buckets, pulverizers, breakers and a few more specialty attachments in recycling, paving and forestry to name a few industry segments.

As our customers started asking for even more robust demolition tools, we were encouraged to search out high-integrity, quality manufactures, such as SIMEX, that would support our needs for the U.S & Canada. Our product line continues to grow to meet the needs of our loyal customer base and over time we have become known as “Application Specialists” for onsite processing of material. Our expertise comes from our vast knowledge in the construction industry working as site contractors.

We continue to supply innovative & reliable products throughout North America and we are proud to do it. What you get with us is an American based, American owned company who demands quality with sales, service and support that you deserve.

We have restructured the company to meet new demands and now

DBA as GECON Attachments

Our Vision

Our vision is not just to supply America with quality attachments for Excavators, Loaders and Skid Steers, even though we do just that. Our aim is to ensure our customers know exactly what the best solution is for their application. 

Being trusted with your investment is something we take very seriously, treating it as a partnership. We strive to do this with integrity and treat our fellow Americans with respect. We have been importing products from around the world since 2005 and I put my name on the quality products we carry. 

We are Americans, Proudly serving Americans!